Bathtub Refinishing

Bath tub resurfacing:

can be the most economical solution to an unsightly, worn out, or damaged tub problem! Only if you choose the right contractor! Everyday in this industry we have new Franchises, people that have no experience, and very little training. Most, only make it a few years until they destroy their reputation by having to many BBB complaints because of tub coating failures! I have spent 23 years perfecting the process! We know how to make the process last for years! That's why we warranty our coating for five full years!!

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In my 23+ years of experience with bath tub repair I've encountered probably every scenario possible with damaged and worn out tubs. Over the years I have tried every method and system available. My methods are tried and proven to last for years! I personaly train each of my techs to adhere to my quality standards. Each job whether by a tech or myself is as good as you can get anywhere!

Got an Ugly tub??

Here's an ugly tub


Now a new modern color

We offer a wide range of colors! Not only can you change your tub from green to white. You could change from white to green, or any color you like!

Senior/Handicap Conversions


21" high step over

modified to 4" step in.

This client is a woman in her seventies. She could no longer use her shower. She also couldn't afford the $2,000.00 for a new shower conversion. We solved her problem in one day  with a solution that she COULD afford..

Bath tub Repairs

Cracked fiberglass tub

Good as New!

It can cost $2500.00 to replace a broken fiberglass tub! It can be better than new for about a tenth of the cost! Yes after the tubs are reinforced they are typically stronger than new!



What you're seeing here is a fiberglass tub with holes repaired, and Floor reinforced. 2nd is after the color has been reapplied!

Just plain worn out!

Many years of water deposits

All better!!

Bath tubs with built in non-slip surfaces are hard to clean and retain water deposits. Our non-slip surface is invisible and EZ to clean.

Cultured Marble tub, shower, and Aluminum frame.

Tub and Tile

At All Bath, and Counter Resurfacing we have all kinds of solutions to save you money on updating, and beautifying your baths and kitchen !


This was cool, in the 60's


This is better!